Here are just a few testimonials solicited from members.  

“Training with Liza  is inviting, motivating, and challenging. Whether you are new to Pilates training or you are  experienced, Liza leads at a perfect pace, explains form, exercises, notes the core muscle groups targeted and directs each session with precision and humour.  Spring resistance, comfortable mat work, and various levels of challenge are all geared to suit my individual workout needs.  Likewise, the classes are also cheerful, varied and exhilarating.”- Andrea
“Liza's enthusiasm, commitment, and love of Pilates is second to none.    I have noticed a significant change not only in my body but also in my energy and strength.  She knows exactly how far to push me and I always feel that I have accomplished something at the end of every class.  Liza is patient, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable - and it is these qualities that she brings to every class that make going to Pilates a pleasure.” - Mary
I finally have my quality of life back thanks to Liza and the Classical Pilates Method. Before I knew about Pilates, I had pain in my low back, pelvis and legs. I struggled at walk and I always avoided stairs. A little less than a year later, the pain is vastly diminished, I am going up and down stairs, and walking my dog!  Lara
Liza is an excellent teacher!  She keeps your body moving throughout the class, she knows what she is doing, she instills confidence in your study of Pilates, she makes you take ownership of your workout, she is demanding but does it with a smile. Pilates has changed my life not only on a physical level but also on an emotional level. Jennifer
I have been physical for most of my life and yet my body was transformed through the discipline of Pilates. Liza will give you homework and give you the opportunity to take Pilates with you for everyday use.  You will learn the method for your body. Her goal is to make you informed, independent, confident, and a lover of Classical Pilates. Janet
Pilates is not just for women! I cant believe how much work and sweat goes into a Pilates session. My whole body feels the workout. I feel great, move better, and my golf game has improved tremendously.  Ken
Expect to work hard and sweat while you train with Liza. She is a hands on instructor and will not let you get away with cheating or sloppy work as she is always correcting you while she keeps you moving. Her passion for Pilates is contagious and that Passion yields results for any body at any age. Trent

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