Whether you want to improve strength and stability, become more flexible, or just get more vibrant and healthy- OAKVILLE CLASSICAL PILATES -KNOXVILLE holistic approach can be adapted to suit any fitness level.  Our unique focus is on providing classical Pilates instruction that improves fitness, posture, coordination, balance, freedom of movement and overall well-being – all in a fun, supportive, unpretentious environment.


Joseph Pilates understood that the body repairs and strengthens itself through movement.  To this end, our classical Pilates methodology emphasizes the balance of strength, stretch and control in the entire body.  It is not physical therapy or massage.  Nor is it yoga or meditation.  It is Pilates as it was intended - sweaty, hard exercise that provides dramatic results that will keep your body functioning as it ages, while enabling you to do whatever you enjoy doing - better and longer.  Click here to understand the difference is between classical and contemporary Pilates.  Click here to understand Classical Pilates Methodology.  Curious to see a Pilates workout? Click here to watch a short video.

OAKVILLE CLASSICAL PILATES - KNOXVILLE is a fully equipped Pilates studio featuring Gratz Apparatus.  Click here to understand why Gratz apparatus (equipment) will make a difference in your workout.  Click here to watch a short video about Gratz and Classical Pilates.  WE are also proud members of both the Authentic Pilates Union and the Pilates Method Alliance

Owner/ Instructor Liza Acheson (pictured left) discovered Pilates in 2003 and has since garnered considerable experience, education and accolades in the field including a Core Mat I, II and a Full 600 Hour Apparatus Comprehensive Certification through Power Pilates NYC.  Liza is constantly building her knowledge by attending workshops, training seminars, and was also notably trained by some of the best in the industry like Jay Grimes, Bob Liekens, Mari Winsor, Brooke Siler, Kathi Ross- Nash, Peter Fiasca, Chris Robinson, Susan Moran, Julie Toren, Jay Apking, Cara Hazelton, and Amy Taylor Alpers.  Liza is also a student and a member of the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology.  She is currently attending Touch for Health, NeuroKinetic Therapy and Polarity applied kinesiology programs.


At Oakville Classical Pilates Studio - Knoxville we believe in whole body health, so we are proud to help you bridge the nutritional gap by selling  Juice Plus+®  Products.   Juice Plus+® is a Raw Whole Food Nutritional supplement comprised of 25 fruits, vegetables, berries  and grains.  Click here to learn more about the range of benefits of Juice Plus+® backed by over 30 clinical and medical research studies from some of the most renowned institutions.

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